Programming Ex Convict that Changed his life, Depiction created by Chat GPT as a painting.

We Will Code: Programming Ex Convict That Changed His Life, Jose Moreno

Hello World! Welcome to We Will Code.  If you are new here, I am pleased to welcome you to my site.  I am Jose Moreno, the Programming Ex Convict that changed his life.  I began this channel and site in 2017.  You may be wondering who I am and how I arrived at this point in my life.  I am from Central California and an ex-convict for a string of burglaries that occured during my teenage years.  Going to prison opened my eyes to the importance of education and doing something positive with our short life.  Once I was out of prison in 2012, I began pursuing education, first for psychology, then coding and web development piqued my interest.  In 2017 I started going to a Coding Bootcamp (They called it Learners Guild), where I learned a lot of fundamental programming concepts, and truly began to understand how computers and programming works.  Before I finished that program, in February 2018, I got my first and current job as a technology manager for a Law Firm in Oakland, and I also started We Will Code.  It all started as a way for me to learn new programming concepts by repeating online tutorials I had already completed at least once.  I would then read the lessons out loud and explain my logic in solving the given tasks.  My tutorials are a step by step guide of popular free coding websites such as freeCodeCamp and Codecademy.  I have a passion for teaching and helping those who are trying to learn how tech works (as well as the marketing side of everything, and creating a brand).  I am always willing to connect with others and help in any way I can in building out your brand or vision.  I also make music with a purpose under the name Ananomyx (pronounced anonymous), and a Central California entertainment company I work with is, Central Valley Entertainment.  

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