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In this free 2023 ChatGPT AI course, “Free Full ChatGPT Course for Absolute Beginners, 2023 ChatGPT Generative AI Course, Learning About ChatGPT, How To Use ChatGPT, ChatGPT Capabilities “, we will take a look at ChatGPT and how it works. This course is for absolute beginners to ChatGPT and we will go in depth regarding what ChatGPT is, and how it works. We will also see different examples and use cases for ChatGPT that can help creators as well as anybody who is trying to learn new information. Throughout the course we will also see the different capabilities that ChatGPT gives us so that we can quickly create and learn new things. Learning to use ChatGPT can help you excel in your career and can also help you do more work, for a fraction of the time. If you are new to AI or ChatGPT make sure to start here so that you get the most out of your ChatGPT experience. Learning to code, or learning to program can be made easier with ChatGPT for anyone who is having trouble learning to code. Using ChatGPT to troubleshoot and debug your code can also prove beneficial and is another great use case for ChatGPT. The most important piece about learning ChatGPT is asking the right questions and wording your inquiry correctly. If you know how to do this, then you will excel in your use of ChatGPT! Thanks for watching, “Free Full ChatGPT Course for Absolute Beginners, 2023 ChatGPT Generative AI Course, Learning About ChatGPT, How To Use ChatGPT, ChatGPT Capabilities “

If you are new to programming and want to learn how to program from scratch then check out this course, Learn Lua Programming, What is Lua Programming, Why Learn Lua Programming, Lua Programming Concepts, Lua Programming for Absolute Beginners. In this course, we go through the Lua programming language and learn the basic syntax that makes it up. Once we learn how Lua programming language is read, we go into more advanced Lua concepts and implementations. If you are new to programming and would like to learn programming 2023 and beyond, then this is the course for you. Start this course from the beginning and start your coding journey today. Learn how data works in Lua, as well as the different Lua data types. Understand Lua operators and conditionals and all the necessary tools to get started in your Lua programming career. From the language that brought us games like Roblox, and apps like Venmo, learn a language that is powerful and easy to understand. Learn Lua based on Codecademy’s Learn Lua course as we code-along the Lua language and dive deep into Lua concepts. Come along for the ride as we learn Lua from start to finish.

In this new, Learn to Code For Absolute Beginners course, we will be looking at how to learn Web Development and how to build websites 2023 and beyond. We will not only learn these things, but we will also learn how to think like a coder. It is all based on the free course on freeCodeCamp called Responsive Web Design. Each section in that course is broken up into sections and we will code along together live while I try and go through them all. In the course we will look at the following:
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App,
Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu,
Learn CSS Colors by Building a Set of Colored Markers, Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form, Learn the CSS Box Model by Building a Rothko Painting, Learn CSS Flexbox by Building a Photo Gallery, Learn Typography by Building a Nutrition Label, Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz, Learn More About CSS Pseudo Selectors By Building A Balance Sheet, Learn Intermediate CSS by Building a Picasso Painting, Learn Responsive Web Design by Building a Piano, Learn CSS Variables by Building a City Skyline, Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine, Learn CSS Animation by Building a Ferris Wheel, Learn CSS Transforms by Building a Penguin

In this new course, we begin by looking at the Fastest Way to Become a WordPress Developer 2023. This is a Complete WordPress Development Course where we will learn How to Become a WordPress Developer in 2023, covering Advanced WordPress topics. This course is for you if you are a complete beginner and we will help build your programming skills to become a full WordPress developer. If you have never programmed before, this course is perfect for you. In it, we start off learning where to begin when wanting to become a WordPress developer. We start off by setting up our local environment so we can quickly install and work on WordPress projects. Once we have WordPress installed, we then take a look at the language WordPress is built on, PHP. Learning to read PHP will help you when troubleshooting a WordPress site. Once we learn some of the basics of PHP, we will continue on and create our own custom WordPress theme. This will help familiarize you with the WordPress file structure. We will then look at WordPress Post types and take a dive into WordPress Plugin Development. If this at all seems like something you might enjoy, please Subscribe for regular updates of new content.

Welcome to this course, “Should I Learn PHP, Codecademy’s Learn PHP, Introduction to PHP for Complete Beginners, Learning to Program in PHP, Understanding PHP Concepts”. The course is based on Codecademy’s free complete Learn PHP course. In it, we will look at PHP programming concepts and fundamentals. We will learn PHP concepts and apply them to examples through various exercises. The course is made up of 10 sections. The first section will be, “Getting Started with PHP”. Here we will learn how PHP is used today in web development to make dynamic web pages! In the second section, we learn about PHP variables. Here we learn about string and number data types in PHP. In section 3 we have an intro to functions in PHP. Here we learn how to create our own reusable blocks of code. In section 4 we learn about PHP Built-In Functions. These are functions that come installed in Vanilla PHP, or PHP with no extras. In section 5 we learn PHP arrays. Learning about arrays in PHP deals with 2 types of arrays, ordered and associative arrays. We will learn how to access and manipulate arrays! In section 6 we take a look at HTML Form Handling in PHP. This will help us learn how we can use PHP to handle HTML forms. In part 7 we take a look at Conditionals and Logic in PHP. Section 8 is loops in PHP. Part 9 is PHP form Validation, and 10 will be Classes and Objects in PHP. Make sure to practice even after completing the examples by making your own examples to really drive in the PHP concepts and really figure out how to understand PHP concepts!

Take a journey with us and Learn Intermediate JavaScript in this Free Full JavaScript Course where we Learn about JavaScript Classes, Modules, and Async-Await. This course is recommended to those who have finished the Learn JavaScript Codecademy course! Once you have mastered that course, this course will take you to the next level! In it, we will learn about more advanced JavaScript concepts. Learn about creating classes of objects as well as find out about making requests with JavaScript. We will touch on making API requests and using asynchronous functions! Make sure to go over the lessons multiple times and play around in the editor. Make sure to create your own examples of the material you have learned. By now you should be comfortable reading through JavaScript documentation. This will come in handy more and more as you advance in your JavaScript programming journey. If you have been looking for an intermediate free full JavaScript course, I hope this will help you!

Learn Javascript in 2022 with Codecademy. In this course, we take a look at Codecademy’s Javascript Course which goes through programming fundamentals while introducing us to the Javascript programming language. This course should help you understand programming concepts in Javascript 2022. We will code and learn programming concepts that you will be able to apply to your coding journey. This course will take a look at Javascript syntax as well as how to apply the syntax to real-world problems. We will learn about data types, functions, loops, and conditionals. There is also some basic introduction to algorithms, plus much more. Through the course, we will also apply concepts learned to different projects. This will help solidify what we are learning. Throughout the course, if any questions arise, please utilize the comments to ask your questions and I will do my best to answer when possible.
If you have learned the basics of javascript, this course will be a bit easier for you. Here we learn about regular expressions. A regular expression allows us to specify a patter we would like to search for within a specified text. Understanding regular expressions is a powerful tool in finding patterns in the text of huge datasets. In this course, we will dive into the basics of regular expressions and the different functions it offers. Learning to master regular expressions is key in becoming a solid developer. Even if you only learn all the different features available, you do not necessarily have to memorize all the syntax since you can always google it. What is most important about regular expressions (and most of the programming) is understanding the logic behind the language. Once you understand the logic, you can apply the same logic to learn how to apply the concepts to other languages. It’s now 2021 and mastering Regular Expressions is essential for any developer worth his salt!
Here, we begin to dive into ES6 syntax. Enter said course once you feel you have familiarized yourself with some of the basics of the Javascript language. In the following lessons, we will embark on a journey through the wonderful world of modern javascript syntax. Modern javascript uses what is called ECMAScript 6 which is just a fancy way of saying, the newest updates to the javascript language. ECMAScript 6 became standard in 2017 and if you know the basic Javascript language it is important to learn ES6 to be up to date and hip like the rest of the Javascript developers who exist on the planet.
Welcome to We Will Code’s introduction to freeCodeCamp’s Accessibility Challenges. In this course, we will learn the best practices concerning creating an accessible website. Before continuing we should understand what it means to have an accessible website. For the most part, most websites do not have accessible websites. Creating an accessible website means the architecture and design of the website are suited for a broad audience. Not everyone can see what is on a screen and may require assistance or accommodations. Ensuring your site is properly designed to facilitate use for the broadest audience is key.
In these lessons, we look at freeCodeCamp’s Basic Javascript course. Specifically the Introduction to Javascript section of the Basic Javascript course. We will learn all the intro Javascript stuff which will equip you and prepare you to become a Javascript developer. Join others on this wonderful coding path which can one day lead you somewhere you never thought you would be!. Learn Javascript today! Learn Javascript for free!
Learn how to apply a better visual design to your HTML document through freeCodeCamp’s Applied Visual Design course. We learn about many different design properties and how to apply them to different elements. We learn about the different ways to align text as well as the different units that can be used to specify width and height. We learn many more
Want to start building backend apps with Nodejs and ExpressJS? Would you like to learn to implement a templating engine to create dynamic sites? This course will teach you those things. We will start small and build it out. In this new series, we will create a simple flashcard app which will allow a user to login with there name, and allow us to see a question side and an answer side.
In this Course, we take a look at Express JS. We learn how to start a server that is able to serve dynamic websites. Express is a nodejs framework which simplifies the setup process and allows us to quickly start creating the backend for our application/website. Learn about all the features that come packed in Express as well as the different HTTP Vers we can use such as “GET”,”POST”,”PUT”, and “DELETE”. This course is for you if you understand the basics of Javascript and would like to begin programming in the backend.
This is a Crypto Zombies tutorials that will introduce you to blockchain technology. If you are looking into learning more about blockchain technology? The Loom network has created Crypto Zombies as a way of teaching Solidity smart contracts and blockchain development through a fun interactive game. Get started with the technology which makes Ethereum possible. This course requires you to have some experience in other programming languages to be the most beneficial.
In this course, we look at the Java language. Java is not to be confused with Javascript. There is a big difference between Java and Javascript which we will not go over in this context. Java is the underlying language for Android apps and many websites utilize the Java language, though different packaging may be used the code written is Java code. In this course we will go over the foundations of the Java language, such as the different data types that are available as well as conditional statements to apply to those data types. We also learn how to make decisions based on conditions and about object oriented design. That plus a lot more. This course is great for anyone who wants to an introduction to Java in 2018!
This course is an intro to Codecademy’s “Learn CSS” course. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it is the way we are able to give styling to a website. CSS and HTML go together like peanut butter and jelly. While HTML handles the structure and actual content, we use CSS to make that content to look a specific way. The lessons are broken into 4 videos which explain the foundations of CSS.
This course focuses on Structured Query Language, or what’s more commonly known as SQL,. It is a programming language that is used to connect and interact with databases. A database functions by taking a look and analyzing databases which consist of fields of data inside of tables. This course is a must take if you ever plan on building an app that keeps track of user data which you want to be able to access or manipulate and change. Sql is a much sought after skill and taking this will definitely put you in the right direction!
This is a course from Codecademy website. It teaches the command line of Unix-based systems. The command line might seem intimidating at first but once you are comfortable with it, it is an indispensable skill. Through the command line, you can navigate through your entire computer. You can create, delete, copy, and move files and folders. You can search through all your files and folders as well and see all your computer processes from that same black screen. Start learning the command line today and become an even more powerful wielder of the keyboard!
This course is from Codecademy. It is Codecademy’s Learn Javascript course which focuses on the most common javascript syntax as well as common uses of different programming concepts such as loops and iterating through lists and objects. Simple math operators are discussed as well as text input and output, strings and characters as well as booleans, and numbers are some of the data types that are discussed in this beginner course. If you are new to programming this is a great place to start your journey.
If you have finished the courses on HTML, CSS & Javascript, this course might be right for you. In it, we dive deeper into the world of Javascript and explore objects in greater detail. Objects allow us to create complex elements with data organized in key/value pairs. If you want to continue on the path of becoming a great developer and are confident with the foundations, I suggest you take this freeCodeCamp course and see what all the fuss is about.
In this freeCodeCamp course, we will learn the foundations of Javascript. Javascript is a programmable language that allows us to add interactivity to our website. With javascript, we can listen for events that happen on the webpage, and then trigger code to run respectively. This course will walk you through all the common javascript syntax while challenging you along the way.
If you are someone who is new to web development and programming, this is the right place for you! HTML and CSS are always a great place for anyone to start learning to code. HTML is the structure of a web page, CSS is the styling of that page. When you are done with this course you will understand how to put together your own site from scratch using the language of the web, HTML and styling it beautifully according to your own great taste. Once you are done with this course, you can move onto the programming aspect, javascript. In this course, we will cover the most common elements while applying them to different real-world examples.