Crypto Zombies Tutorial (Intro to Solidity)

This is a Crypto Zombies tutorials that will introduce you to blockchain technology. If you are looking into learning more about blockchain technology? The Loom network has created Crypto Zombies as a way of teaching Solidity smart contracts and blockchain development through a fun interactive game. Get started with the technology which makes Ethereum possible. This course requires you to have some experience in other programming languages to be the most beneficial.


Introduction to Crypto Zombies,Learn To Write Smart Contract, Learn Ethereum

Crypto Zombies ,Ch1 Lesson Overview,Learn Ethereum Blockchain

Crypto Zombies ,Ch2 Contracts,Learn Ethereum Blockchain

Crypto Zombies ,Ch3 State Variables & Integers, Declare & Initialize Solidity Variable

Crypto Zombies ,Ch4 Math Operations, Learn Solidity 2018

Crypto Zombies ,Ch5 Structs,Learn Solidity Structures

Crypto Zombies ,Ch6 Arrays, Arrays in Solidity, Fixed Array, Dynamic Array

Crypto Zombies ,Ch7 Function Declarations, Solidity Programming Language

Crypto Zombies Lesson 1 ,Ch8 Working With Structs and Arrays

Crypto Zombies Lesson 1 ,Ch9 Private Public Functions

Crypto Zombies Lesson 1 ,Ch10 More on Functions, Solidity Pure Vs View Function

Crypto Zombies Lesson 1 ,Ch11 Keccak256 and Typecasting, Solidity Programming

Crypto Zombies Lesson 1 ,Ch12 Putting It Together, Solidity Tutorial

Crypto Zombies Lesson 1, Ch13 Events, Solidity Events

Crypto Zombies Lesson 1 ,Ch14 Web3.js, Solidity Events

Crypto Zombies, Chapter 2 Overview,Solidity Programming

Crypto Zombies Lesson 2, Chapter 2 Mappings and Addresses

Crypto Zombies Lesson 2, Chapter 3 Msg.sender, Solidity Language

Crypto Zombies Lesson 2, Chapter 4, Require, Solidity Require Statements

Crypto Zombies Lesson 2, Chapter 5, Inheritance, Solidity Walkthrough

Crypto Zombies Lesson 2, Chapter 6, Import, Imports in Solidity

Crypto Zombies Lesson 2, Chapter 7, Storage vs Memory

Crypto Zombies Lesson 2, Chapter 8, Zombie DNA, Solidity DApp

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