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Dauntless is a new massive cross-platform action-RPG game by Epic Games. A game similar to Monster Hunter in the premise of hunting huge monsters. We are also able to craft amazing gear that we collect from killing monsters. Dauntless is a free-to-play co-op action packed game. Choose from weapons such as swords, axes, guns, hammers, and more. It all takes place within a huge open world. This world goes from our frontier settlement in Ramsgate all the way to the intense Maelstrom. Play and slay with friends online and master your skills by killing Behemoths that threaten the Dauntless world. There is new weapons, Aether Strikers that allow new ways to slay monsters with our aether-empowered fist weapons. Use monster parts to craft new gear. Very much modeled after other free-to-play games, there are in-game purchases that facilitate progressing through the Dauntless game.


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