This course is taken from freeCodeCamps "JSON API's and AJAX" section. This course focuses on teaching you how to make an API request to get data from freeCodeCamp and modify the app once the API call is finished. AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript And XML. One of the greatest definition that I have read for Ajax is “a method of exchangin information with a server, then updating some parts of a site – without the need of having to reload the whole page.”


Trigger Click Events with jQuery, freeCodeCamp Tutorial

Change Text with Click Events, freeCodeCamp Tutorial

Get JSON with the jQuery get JSON Method, freeCodeCamp, JSON API and AJAX

Convert JSON Data to HTML, freeCodeCamp, JSON API's and AJAX

Render Images from Data Sources, freeCodeCamp, JSON API's and AJAX

Prefilter JSON, freeCodeCamp, JSON APIs and Ajax

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