Should I Learn PHP, Codecademy's Learn PHP, Introduction to PHP for Complete Beginners, Learning to Program in PHP, Understanding PHP Concepts

This course is, "Should I Learn PHP, Codecademy's Learn PHP, Introduction to PHP for Complete Beginners, Learning to Program in PHP, Understanding PHP Concepts". The course is based on Codecademy's free complete Learn PHP course. In it, we will look at PHP programming concepts and fundamentals. We will learn PHP concepts and apply them to examples through various exercises. The course is made up of 10 sections. The first section will be, "Getting Started with PHP". Here we will learn how PHP is used today in web development to make dynamic web pages! In the second section, we learn about PHP variables. Here we learn about string and number data types in PHP. In section 3 we have an intro to functions in PHP. Here we learn how to create our own reusable blocks of code. In section 4 we learn about PHP Built-In Functions. These are functions that come installed in Vanilla PHP, or PHP with no extras. In section 5 we learn PHP arrays. Learning about arrays in PHP deals with 2 types of arrays, ordered and associative arrays. We will learn how to access and manipulate arrays! In section 6 we take a look at HTML Form Handling in PHP. This will help us learn how we can use PHP to handle HTML forms. In part 7 we take a look at Conditionals and Logic in PHP. Section 8 is loops in PHP. Part 9 is PHP form Validation, and 10 will be Classes and Objects in PHP. Make sure to practice even after completing the examples by making your own examples to really drive in the PHP concepts and really figure out how to understand PHP concepts!


Why Learn PHP, Introduction to PHP Programming Language, Codecademy Free Full PHP Programming Course

The History of PHP, Learn PHP History, PHP History Explained for Beginners, Codecademy Learn PHP

How is PHP Used in HTML, Learn PHP, Codecademy, Build Dynamic Web Pages in PHP, The PHP Interpreter

How is PHP Executed, Writing a PHP Script File, Codecademy's Learn PHP, General Purpose Programming

How PHP Comments Work, Comment in PHP, Multi-Line PHP Comment, Single Line PHP Comment, Codecademy

Todo App, Create, Read, Update, Delete, What is CRUD in PHP, How CRUD Works in PHP, Codecademy PHP

Review for Introduction to PHP on Codecademy's Learn PHP Course, Review Beginner PHP Concepts

What are Strings in PHP, How to Create PHP String, The String Data Type Explained, PHP on Codecademy

Escape Sequences in PHP, How to Use PHP Escape Sequences, Escape Sequences Explained on Codecademy

How to Combine Strings in PHP, String Concatenation PHP, Learn to Concatenate Strings, Codecademy

How Variables Work in PHP, Variables Explained in PHP, Codecademy's Learn PHP, Strings and Variables

Creating Variables with PHP, Learning to Write PHP Variables, Understand Variables in PHP Codecademy

Using Variables in PHP, How to Use a Variable in PHP, Output Variables in PHP, Codecademy Learn PHP

Learn Variable Parsing in PHP, How to Parse Variables in a String with PHP, Codecademy Learn PHP

PHP Variable Reassignment Explained, How to Reassign a Variable in PHP, Codecademy's Learn PHP Guide

The Concatenating Assignment Operator, Codecademy's Learn PHP, Concat Assignment Operator in PHP

How to Use Assign by Reference, PHP Assign by Reference Explained, Codecademy PHP Variable Alias

Learn About PHP Strings and Variables, Codecademy Learn PHP Review, Strings and Variables Explained

PHP Numbers Explained, Types of Numbers, Learn PHP, Codecademy Integer and Floating Point Data Type

Addition and Subtraction in PHP, Adding in PHP, Subtracting in PHP, Learn PHP Numbers, Codecademy

Using Number Variables Explained in PHP, Codecademy's Learn PHP, Creating Number Variables using PHP

Multiplication and Division in PHP Explained, PHP Numbers, Codecademy Learn PHP for Beginners Guide

Exponentiation Explained in PHP, How Exponents Work in PHP, Learn about PHP Exponents, Codecademy

How Modulo Works in PHP, Understanding Modulo in Programming, What is Modulo in PHP, Codecademy Help

How Order of Operations Works in PHP, Codecademy Learn PHP Operator Precedence, PHP Operator Order

PHP Mathematical Assignment Operators, Codecademy Learn PHP, Shorthand Assignment Operators in PHP

PHP Numbers Review, Learn PHP on Codecademy, Number Data Types, Math Operators, Order of Operations

Intro to PHP Functions, Learn PHP on Codecademy, Intro to PHP Functions, What are Functions in PHP

Defining Functions in PHP, How to Define a Function in PHP, Codecademy Learn PHP, Create A Function

Invoking Functions Explained in PHP, How to Invoke a Function in PHP, Function Invocation Codecademy

Return Statements Explained, What is a Return Statement in PHP, Codecademy PHP, Return Statements

More on Return Statements, PHP Codecademy Free Programming Course, PHP Return Keyword, PHP Functions

PHP Function Return Values, PHP Return Values Explained, Codecademy PHP, Understand Return Values

What is Null in PHP, Returning Null Explained in PHP, Null Values in Programming, Codecademy PHP

Function Parameters Explained, What are Parameters and Arguments in PHP, Passing in Arguments in PHP

Multiple Parameters in PHP, Using Multiple Function Parameters in PHP, Codecademy Learn PHP Coding

Default Parameters in PHP, Default Parameters in Functions, PHP on Codecademy PHP Default Arguments

What is Pass By Reference in PHP, Pass By Reference Explained, Learn PHP Codecademy, Parameter Alias

How Variable Scope Works in PHP, Variable Scope Explained, Local vs Global Scope, PHP Function Scope

Review of PHP Functions, Intro to PHP Functions, Review, Create a PHP Function, Invoke a Function

Intro to Built-In PHP Functions, How to Use Built-In PHP Functions, Built-In Functions in PHP Guide

Working with Variables in PHP, gettype function, PHP var_dump function, Learn PHP Built-In Functions

Different Built-In PHP String Functions Explained, Learn PHP Functions for Strings, Codecademy PHP

Working with Substrings in PHP, Substring Built-In Functions, Find Matching String in PHP Codecademy

Working With Number Functions in PHP, abs PHP Function for Calculate Absolute Value, Round Function

Generating Random Numbers in PHP, Random Number Function with PHP, Learn to Generate Random Numbers

How to Read PHP Documentation, Reading PHP Documentation, How to Learn the PHP Documentation Easy

Finding Functions in the PHP Documentation, How to Find the Right Function to Use in PHP, Codecademy

Review of PHP Built-In Functions, Intro to Built-In PHP Functions Learn PHP Fast and Easy Codecademy

What are Ordered Arrays in PHP, How Ordered Arrays Work, Ordered Arrays Explained, Understand Arrays

Creating Arrays with array Keyword in PHP, Learn How To Create PHP Arrays, Ordered Arrays in PHP

Creating Arrays with Short Syntax in PHP, Short Syntax Ordered Array Creation Short Syntax Array PHP

How Printing Arrays Works in PHP, implode function, print_r function in PHP, View Array Values, PHP

Accessing an Element in an Array with PHP, How to Access Value in an Array with PHP, Access Array

Add and Change Array Elements, Add Elements to An Array in PHP, Changing Elements in An Array in PHP

PHP, Add Element to End of Array, array_push Method, Remove Element in Array with array_pop Method

PHP, Remove First Element of Array with array_shift, Add Element to Beginning of Array in PHP, Guide

How to Access PHP Nested Arrays, Accessing Nested Arrays in PHP, Access Element in Nested Arrays PHP

Learn PHP, Ordered Arrays Review, Understanding PHP Ordered Arrays, Review of PHP Ordered Arrays

Introduction to PHP Associative Arrays, PHP Data Structures, What are Associative Arrays Explained

Learn PHP Associative Arrays Syntax, Understanding PHP Associative Arrays, Key Value Pairs, PHP Maps

Printing Associative Arrays, How to Log Out an Associative Array, Use implode and print_r function

Accessing Elements in an Associative Array, Adding Elements in an Associative Array, Codecademy PHP

Associative Arrays, Changing and Removing Elements in PHP, unset function to Remove key-value pairs

PHP Associative Arrays Numerical Keys Explained, How Do Numerical Keys Work with Associative Arrays

PHP Joining Arrays with Union Operator, How to Join Arrays Using the Union Operator, PHP Join Arrays

How PHP Assign by Value Works, What is PHP Assign by Reference, Learn Assign by Value and Reference

PHP Associative Arrays Review, PHP Associative Array Explained, Codecademy Review Associative Arrays

Introduction to PHP and HTML, Understanding The Differences Between HTML and PHP Language, Learn PHP

PHP and HTML Introduction, Explain Front-End Back-End Differences, How PHP And HTML Work Together

PHP and HTML, What is the Back-End, Web Server, Database, and Application Servers in PHP Explained

PHP in HTML, How to embed PHP scripts within HTML documents, how we can use PHP within HTML Page

PHP, Including Functions in HTML, How to include PHP Function in HTML, Add PHP Code to HTML

PHP Review, How to Use PHP to Generate HTML, What is Front-End, Back-End Client-Server Relationship

Intro to HTML Form Handling in PHP, Use HTML Forms with PHP, Handling HTML Form with PHP Shorthand

Request PHP Superglobals, Handle HTML Form with PHP, Codecademy Learn PHP, Learn HTML Form Handling

Learn GET Form Handling with PHP, GET Requests and HTML Form Handling with PHP, Get Method Attribute

Learn POST Form Handling in PHP, POST Requests and HTML Form Handling, What is a Post Request in PHP

Using the action Attribute with HTML Forms, Handling HTML Forms with PHP, Forms action Attribute

Review HTML Form Handling, superglobals Explained, Name and Action Attribute Explained in PHP, Guide

Intro to Booleans and Comparison Operators in PHP, Learn PHP Comparison Operators and Booleans Free

Learn about PHP Conditionals, What are If Statements in PHP, Intro to PHP Conditional Statements

What are Comparison Operators in PHP Programming, How do Comparison Operators Work, PHP Programming

PHP Identical and Not Identical Operators, True, False, Not True Operators in PHP Programming Lesson

How Elseif Statements Work in PHP, Elseif Statements Explained, How to use an Elseif Conditional

PHP Switch Statements Explained, Understanding Switch Statement Conditional Logic in PHP Programming

More About PHP Switch Statements, Fall Through Explained, Exclude Break in PHP Switch Statements

Learn PHP Ternary Operator, Using Ternary Operator with PHP, Ternary Operator Explained in PHP Code

Truthy and Falsy in PHP Programming 2023, Truth and False Conditions in Programming with PHP Code

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