Regular Expressions in 2021, freeCodeCamp Regex Match Everything But Letters and Numbers, Coding Vid

Lesson Summary

On today, Feb 7, 2021, we look at freeCodeCamp's Regular Expressions lesson, "Match Everything But Letters and Numbers". This lesson is a continuation of the regex course on freeCodeCamp which explains how regular expressions can be used to match a variety of patterns within text on a computer. In our last lesson, we learn how to search for all alphanumerics in a shorthand way by using the elegant character class \w. In our lesson today, we learn that we can do the opposite of that using the character class \W. This powerful regex character class allows us to target everything but alphanumerics. Using this and understanding it when developing apps will allow you to become a better programmer. Buy a Cool Super Hero Sticker for yourself and support us! https://BelieveRationally.com/Shop See this course and many more free online coding courses at https://wewillcode.com Vibe out to some music I created at https://ananomyx.com Check bae's epoxy resin craft store at https://valeryedoesresin.com

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