freeCodeCamp 2021 Regular Expressions Match All Letters and Numbers, Master Regex 2021 Coding lesson

Lesson Summary

In this freeCodeCamp tutorial, we continue looking at regular expressions. Programming in 2021 requires basic knowledge of how. a regex works. Being able. to find patterns within any text can save time, especially if that text is a massive file. In this lesson, we learn a shorthand way of matching any alphabet letter, numbers, and the underscore character using the quick shortcut of the "\w" character class. If you are new to regular expressions make sure to watch our course from the beginning to better understand how a regex class works. Also, learning about flags that are available will also help in giving you more tools to utilize a regex pattern to the maximum. If you find our videos helpful, consider supporting us by buying a cool sticker here, https://believerationally.com/shop Also, find all these lessons and more at: https://wewillcode.com

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