freeCodeCamp's Introduction to Javascript, Basic Javascript

In these lessons, we look at freeCodeCamp's Basic Javascript course. Specifically the Introduction to Javascript section of the Basic Javascript course. We will learn all the intro Javascript stuff which will equip you and prepare you to become a Javascript developer. Join others on this wonderful coding path which can one day lead you somewhere you never thought you would be!. Learn Javascript today! Learn Javascript for free!


freeCodeCamp's Introduction to Javascript, Comments, Variables, & Casing

freeCodeCamp's Introduction to Javascript, Math Operators in JS (pt.2)

freeCodeCamp's Intro to Javascript, Compound Assignment & String Literals (3)

freeCodeCamp's Javascript Introduction, Escape Sequences, Concatenation. String Length (4)

freeCodeCamp's Using Bracket Notation on Strings, Mad Libs, Intro to Javascript (5)

freeCodeCamp's Intro To Javascript, Understanding Arrays & Multi-Dimensional Arrays (6)

freeCodeCamp, More Array Methods, JS Function Declarations & Parameters (7)

freeCodeCamp's Global Scope and Functions, Understanding Local & Global Variables In JS (8)

freeCodeCamp's Array Method Practice, Equality and Strict Equality in Javascript (9)

freeCodeCamp's Greater Than, Less Than, AND and Or Operators, Basic Javascript (10)

freeCodeCamp's Introducing Else and Else If Statements, Chaining If Else If Statements (11)

Golf Code, freeCodeCamp Basic Javascript

freeCodeCamps Switch Statements Practice, Javascript Switch Statement Practice (12)

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