freeCodeCamp's Array Method Practice, Equality and Strict Equality in Javascript (9)

Lesson Summary

In this video from freeCodeCamp's Basic Javascript section we look at the following lessons: Stand in Line, Understanding Boolean Values, Use Conditional Logic with If Statements, Comparison with the Equality Operator, & Comparison with the Strict Equality Operator. In the Stand in LIne lesson we practice our array methods by pushing an element to an array, and shifting and element from the beginning of the array into it's own variable. We then return that variable. In the lessons after we learn about Booleans and their dual nature of either true or false. The concept of combing conditionals with true and false is introduced which opens a whole new world of possibilites in programming. Equality, we learn is expressed using "==" double equal signs. This should not be confused with assignment "=", which is what we use to assign values to variables. When we check if values are equal, the result will return either true or false. The number 1 and string 1, if checked for equality will return true because of type coersion. If we want to be strict about it we can use strict equality when checking values using "===". This will return false when comparing a number to its string equivalent.

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