freeCodeCamp's Greater Than, Less Than, AND and Or Operators, Basic Javascript (10)

Lesson Summary

In this continuation of the freeCodeCamp's Basic Javascript section we look at some more operators. First we go over the greater than operator which checks if the number on the left is greater, if it is greater then it returns true, otherwise it returns false. There is also the greater than or equal to operator which will include the number being compared. Then we learned about the less than operator which works similar but instead it checks if the number on the left is less than the number on the right. It also have a less than or equal equivelent which includes the number being compared as well. After that we are introduced to the AND operator which allows us to chain if statements in one and wont allow code to run unless both statements are true. Then we learned about the OR operator which is similar to the AND operator except it only requires one statement to be true to run the code.

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