freeCodeCamp's Intro To Javascript, Understanding Arrays & Multi-Dimensional Arrays (6)

Lesson Summary

In this video we continue our journey through freeCodeCamp's Basic Javascript course. In today's lessons we look at arrays in Javascript. The lessons we go over are: Store Multiple Values in one Variable using JavaScript Arrays, Nest one Array within Another Array, Access Array Data with Indexes, Modify Array Data With Indexes, Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays With Indexes, & Manipulate Arrays With push(). We learn the basics of arrays in these lessons. We learn that arrays allow us to store several elements of data in a single place. We declare an array with opening and closing square brackets. Unlike strings, arrays are mutable and we can access and change an element within an array. Arrays can have arrays nested within them. Nested arrays are said to be multi-dimensional. We also learn the array method of push(). This method allows us to push an element to the end of our array.

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