freeCodeCamp's Introduction to Javascript, Comments, Variables, & Casing

Lesson Summary

This is the beginning of a series of lessons that aim to go through the Basic Javascript course on freeCodeCamp. In this video we code through the following lessons: Comment Your JavaScript Code, Declare JavaScript Variables, Storing Values with the Assignment Operator, Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator, Understanding Uninitialized Variables, Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables. For the most part, it is just an intro to the basics. First, we learn that commenting is important because we might forget what our code does. Also, others might be reading our code who have not seen it before and comments can help them! Then we learned about declaring variables. Variables allow us to store values and then do stuff with those values later if we so wished. It is a common thing to initialize our declared variable with a value when we first declare it, or else it will be undefined. Lastly, we learned about camelCasing. Variables can be called whatever we wish, but camelCasing is the standard, so get used to it!

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