freeCodeCamp's Introduction to Javascript, Math Operators in JS (pt.2)

Lesson Summary

This is the part 2 in my series going through freeCodeCamp's Basic Javascript course. We are in the Introduction to JS section. In this video we go through the following lessons: Add Two Numbers with JavaScript, Subtract One Number from Another with JavaScript, Multiply Two Numbers with JavaScript, Divide One Number by Another with JavaScript, Increment a Number with JavaScript, Decrement a Number with JavaScript, Create Decimal Numbers with JavaScript, Multiply Two Decimals with JavaScript, Divide One Decimal by Another with JavaScript, and Finding a Remainder in JavaScript. We basically go through how to do some basic math with js. We learn that we can use decimals as well, and these are referred to as floating point numbers. We also learn that decimals are not perfect in javascript. And also, we learn about the remainder operator which is similar to modulus. Look it up to find out more.

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