freeCodeCamp's Javascript Introduction, Escape Sequences, Concatenation. String Length (4)

Lesson Summary

In these lessons from freeCodeCamp's Basic Javascript course we are in the Introduction to Javascript section. The lessons we go over are: Escape Sequences in Strings, Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator, Concatenating Strings with the Plus Equals Operator, Constructing Strings with Variables, Appending Variables to Strings, and Find the Length of a String. Escape sequences allow us to display characters that would otherwise not be able to use or type out. We learn the escape sequences for quotes, and backspaces, and new lines, etc. After that we learned more about string literals and how to concatenate strings together. We finally end this video by going over how to find the length of a string. We can find the length of a string by using the .length property.

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