freeCodeCamp, More Array Methods, JS Function Declarations & Parameters (7)

Lesson Summary

In this video we are looking continuing our journey through the world of Javascript. We are the freeCodeCamp course in the Basic Javascript section. The lessons we go over in this video are: Manipulate Arrays With shift(), Manipulate Arrays With unshift(), Shopping List, Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions, & Passing Values to Functions with Arguments We left off on our last video learning about important array methods. In this video we continue practicing with arrays and are introduce to 2 new methods, shift()and unshift(). These are similar to pop() and push() except instead of removing and adding to the end of an array, we instead remove and add from the beginning of the array. We are introduced to functions which are reusable code we can invoke in our programs. We also learn that functions can take parameters which allow us to pass in arguments and use within our function.

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