freeCodeCamp 2018

This course will go through the basic HTML & CSS section of freeCodeCamp. It is a remake course with updated freeCodeCamp lessons. In this series, we go through a few lessons and end the video with by applying what we learned in the video. We learn all the basic syntax for HTML and CSS. The term syntax is similar to grammar in the English language. You learn the syntax of a language so you may apply that language. Once you understand the syntax of a language you can focus on applying your knowledge to build something amazing.


freeCodeCamp Basic HTML Tutorial Say Hello - Link to Internal Sections w Anchor Elements 1

freeCodeCamp Basic HTML5 Nest an Anchor - Head and Body of HTML Doc 2

freeCodeCamp Basic CSS, Change Element Colors,Class Selector, Font Degradation 3

freeCodeCamp Basic CSS, Size Images, Setting Id's, Margins, Paddings, & Borders 4

freeCodeCamp Basic CSS,Clockwise Notation for Padding & Margin, CSS Precedence Specificity 5

freeCodeCamp Basic CSS, Use Hex and RGB to Mix Colors, CSS Variables, & Style Fallbacks 6

freeCodeCamp HTML & CSS Wrap-Up, Applying What We Learned

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