freeCodeCamp Basic HTML5 Nest an Anchor - Head and Body of HTML Doc 2

Lesson Summary

In this video we finish the rest of the Basic HTML and HTML5 section of freeCodeCamp. We start off by nesting an anchor element within a paragraph element. After that we learn about dead links and how you can use one when you know you want to link something, but are not sure where to link to. We also learn how to make our images link to other pages which is simply nesting an img tag within an anchor tag. We create an ordered and unordered list. A form is submited with inputs of type text and a submit button. We are taught that a form can take an action attribute which we set to a URL we want to send the form data to. We create radio and checkbox buttons and learn how to give them names to categoroize them correctly. We lastly learn of the improtance of the !DOCTYPE html declaration.

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