freeCodeCamp Basic HTML Tutorial Say Hello - Link to Internal Sections w Anchor Elements 1

Lesson Summary

In this video series we will be going through freeCodeCamp from the beginning. There has been updates made to the site recently and I have been requested to remake this course. In this specifci video we look at some baseic HTML elements. We first go over heading elements. The h1 element is the most important heading. We usually use this for our main heading. h2-h6 are subheadings that lower in importance the higher they go. We learn that we should not use the different headings for making our content look a certain size (we will learn how to do that when we get to CSS) but use them to conveny the importance of the heading displayed. We then learn about the paragraph tag and about lorem ipsum place holder text. Comments follow right after which we learn help us remember what our code is doing. Image tags allow us to add images when we specify the src attribute with a image url. We learn anchor tags allow us to link to a url. We learn how to ad id attributes to an element and use that id in an anchor tag to link to whatever element has that id. We wrap it up by seeing what we learned re-created outside of the freeCodeCamp site. We create a folder and a file within that folder called index.html. We add our code in there and save then open the file in our web browser and are able to see the same thing.

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