Free Chat GPT Introduction Course, Codecademy's Intro to ChatGPT, Learn ChatGPT on Codecademy

Welcome to, “Free Chat GPT Introduction Course, Codecademy’s Intro to ChatGPT, Learn ChatGPT on Codecademy”. This course is based on Codecademy’s Intro to ChatGPT course that was created to help anyone brand new to AI and ChatGPT. Learning how to use ChatGPT will help increase your productivity and can help undertake complicated tasks in a much easier way. Using ChatGPT hacks have become popular recently and once you are done with this ChatGPT course you will feel comfortable using ChatGPT to accomplish everyday creative tasks. You are also able to use ChatGPT to learn new technology and it is a great teacher if you know how to ask it the right questions. In this course will learn the history of ChatGPT as well as what ChatGPT is and best practices when using ChatGPT. Learning about the capabilities of ChatGPT will help you become more productive and it’s a great tool to have under your belt!