Inherit from a Parent Class, Super and Extends Keyword in JavaScript Codecademy's, Inheritance III

In this JavaScript lesson, we take a look at Inherit from a Parent Class, Super and Extends Keyword in JavaScript Codecademy’s Inheritance III. In the last few lessons, we have been looking at JavaScript Classes and Inheritance. We have been learning about parent and child classes also called super and sub classes. The main concept that we have been learning from Classes is that we are able to create a parent class which we then can use as a template for our child classes. Our child classes are able to inherit properties and methods from a parent class as well as have their own different properties and methods. In this lesson, we are continuing with our HospitalEmployee parent class, and we are finally creating a child class for it called Nurse. This Nurse class will inherit from the HospitalEmployee class and will also have some different properties. Understanding classes and inheritance in JavaScript is key to mastering programming. Make sure to go over these lessons a few times to make sure they are making sense! Inheritance is a key programming concept that appears throughout languages and understanding how it works is a well sought-after skill. Learn and understand what we have covered regarding inheritance before moving on to the next lessons, as they build upon each other!