JavaScript Class Inheritance Explained, Codecademy's Learn Intermediate JavaScript, Inheritance II

In this JavaScript lesson we are looking at JavaScript Class Inheritance Explained, Codecademy’s Learn Intermediate JavaScript, Inheritance II. In this lesson, we are continuing our journey into advanced JavaScript concepts concerning classes in javascript. We are specifically learning about class inheritance. This lesson will continue on and we will dive deeper into how to create parent classes (also called superclasses) as well as child classes (also called subclasses). We will learn how to allow our child classes to inherit from their parent class as well as create new properties and methods for our child classes. Learning about JavaScript Class Inheritance and understanding JavaScript class inheritance is fundamental for you as a JavaScript developer and will help make sure you are competent in the art of programming. Make sure to go over the Classes section to really be on top of your game. Practice implementing JavaScript parent and child classes to really see what is happening. Do it until you feel comfortable enough in your mastery!