2023 Intro to Javascript Course, Understand the JS Console, Codecademy Javascript Fundamentals 2023

In our first lesson in Codecademy’s Javascript Course we take our look at the console. The console is used by developers to display important messages such as errors. It allows us to quickly test our code and see what it does. We are able to test code we write using the console object. The console object has a collection of actions and data we can utilize. One of these actions, or methods, is the .log() method. When we use console.log(), we are able to print to our console any values we put within the parentheses. Printing to the console will be useful when we create variables and functions, to see whether the expected results occur and if not we are able to make changes to our code and fix any bugs that arise. Learning Javascript in 2023 requires learning Javascript fundamentals, and printing to the console will definitely aid you in your programming journey in 2022 and beyond!