Combining Strings in JavaScript 2023, Intro to JavaScript on Codecademy, Learn String Concatenation

In this 2023 JavaScript guide, we take a look at combining strings together. This is also called, String Concatenation. String Concatenation in JS is accomplished rather easily using the “+” operator. Using the plus symbol with strings allows us to append one string to another. Just as using the plus symbol with math allows us to add two numbers together, so does the plus symbol allow us to add 2 strings together. Understanding String Concatenation in JavaScript is a valuable tool to know in JavaScript and in all programming! Concatenating Strings In JavaScript 2022 and beyond is crucial to becoming a great programmer. Practice this and all concepts we have learned up to this point so that you may be a valuable asset in whatever coding project 2023 you are working on! Learning to combine strings in JavaScript will help you achieve many tasks in the future. Make sure to practice string concatenation with different examples to truly master.