Complete Javascript Course 2022, Codecademy's Javascript Introduction 2022, Learn Programming 2022

In this course, we will look at the Javascript programming language. I completed a Javascript course through Codecademy a few years ago, but since it has been so long, I will be going through their new and updated course, including ES6 syntax and fundamentals. This introductory video will go over what the class entails, and some of the different javascript concepts we will be learning. Learning to program in 2022 is becoming more important especially as more jobs require computer and tech knowledge. This complete javascript course should allow you to begin your journey into the world of programming, as well as more seasoned programmers brush up on updates to the language. Join us in learning to program through Codecademy’s Javascript course and learn concepts such as but not limited to, javascript data types and built-in methods and functions. Learn to use conditionals to control the way a program flows. Learn to construct functions and pass data to them to make your code do amazing things.