Learn JavaScript Data Types 2023, Codecademy's Data Types on JavaScript 2023, Programming Concepts

In this JavaScript lesson from Codecademy’s Introduction to JavaScript Course we take a look at the different Data Types that are available for JavaScript. JavaScript Data Types are classifications given to the different types of data that we use when programming. With JavaScript, we have access to 7 fundamental data types. These data types include Strings, Numbers, Null, Booleans, Undefined, Symbols, and Objects. Strings are groups of characters that we surround with quotes (text), then we have Numbers which include any numbers (decimals included). Boolean returns either true or false (usually used for yes or no questions). Null represents the intentional absence of values. Undefined is similar to null as it also represents an absence of value though it is used for different purposes. Then there are Symbols (which is a new data type for me), which are unique identifiers. Last are objects which are simply, collections of data that is related. If you are learning JavaScript in 2022, understanding Data Types is fundamental in your journey. Learning JavaScript Data Types will not only help you with programming in JavaScript, but Data Types show up all throughout programming, and understanding them will help you with any programming language.