Learn JavaScript, Function Declarations Explained, How Function Declarations Work on Codecademy JS

In this JavaScript tutorial we begin to look at Function Declarations. In Codecademy’s JavaScript course, Function section, we learn about function declarations. We learn that all functions begin with the function keyword. Right after the function keyword is the function name, also called the function identifier. After the identifier, we have the function body which has the code we will be running when the function is called. We learn how to write a function in this lesson, but we do not learn how to call it, though we did see an example of it when hoisting was explained to us. We will learn more about calling functions in the next lessons, but for now, make sure you understand how to declare a function in JavaScript. Understanding function declarations in programming is a huge leap forward into the world of professional development.

In this JavaScript tutorial, we delve into the world of function declarations in Codecademy’s JavaScript course. We begin by understanding the basics of functions and their importance in programming. Functions are reusable pieces of code that help us write clean and concise code.

Next, we learn about function declarations, the most common way of declaring a function in JavaScript. We start with the function keyword, which is followed by the function name or identifier. After that, we have the function body where the actual code of the function resides.

In this lesson, we focus on how to write a function declaration in JavaScript. While we do not cover how to call the function, we do see an example of it when hoisting is explained to us. It is essential to understand how to declare a function in JavaScript, as it is the first step towards creating a powerful and efficient codebase.

Function declarations are an integral part of the JavaScript language. In the following lessons, we will learn more about how to call functions and the different types of functions that can be created in JavaScript.

Having a good understanding of function declarations will help you write clean, organized, and efficient code. It also allows you to easily reuse code and avoid repeating the same code multiple times, reducing errors and saving time.

Whether you are new to programming or have some experience, understanding how function declarations work in JavaScript is essential for mastering the language. With Codecademy’s comprehensive JavaScript course, you will be able to take your programming skills to the next level and create efficient and powerful applications.

So, if you want to learn how to create and use functions in JavaScript, and take your programming skills to the next level, this is the course for you. Make sure to practice what you learn, and you will be a master of function declarations in no time!