Different Built-In PHP String Functions Explained, Learn PHP Functions for Strings, Codecademy PHP

In this PHP programming lesson, we take a look at PHP built-in string functions, which includes different built-in PHP string functions explained, watch and learn new PHP functions for strings, on Codecademy’s Learn PHP course. In this lesson, we look at 3 PHP string functions. We take a look at reversing a string with strrev() PHP function. We then learn about “how to lowercase a string” in PHP using the strtolower() function. And finally, we learn that we are able to repeat a string using str_repeat() function. These are only a few ways we are able to work with strings in PHP using PHP built-in functions. Reading through PHP string documentation will help you begin to see the different ways you can manipulate and work with PHP strings. If you are new to the PHP programming language make sure to watch this course from the beginning available at https://wewillcode.com for free. We are now learning about different PHP string functions that we are able to use on our strings to manipulate them and alter them for our coding goals. Learning how PHP string functions work will help you have more tools in your programming tool kit. Make sure to practice using PHP built-in functions to begin to understand PHP built-in functions. Practice different PHP string functions using different examples to truly begin to grasp the variety of string functions available to us. Understanding string functions in PHP is vital and you will see the need to manipulate strings many times while working on different programming projects. Make sure to practice string.