Escape Sequences in PHP, How to Use PHP Escape Sequences, Escape Sequences Explained on Codecademy

In this PHP programming lesson, we go over Escape Sequences in PHP, and How to Use PHP Escape Sequences, we show Escape Sequences Explained on Codecademy. In the lesson, we learn that when we want to indicate certain quotation marks are to be used in strings, as opposed to using quotation marks outside of a string. In order to use quotation marks within our string, we are able to use an escape sequence which allows us to use quotes within a string in PHP. We also learn about the new line return escape sequence(\n). We are told that there are other escape sequences that are available to use that are explained in detail in the PHP documentation. Learning to read PHP documentation is a key part of your programming journey and you should begin getting familiar with it. Learning how to use escape sequences is a key concept to be aware of and it can save you some headaches in troubleshooting your code. Make sure to practice using escape sequences a few times to really get a feel for them. Escape sequences in PHP explained in one sentence: Helps explain what code is meant to be simply characters, and which code is meant to be executed outside a string!