How PHP Comments Work, Comment in PHP, Multi-Line PHP Comment, Single Line PHP Comment, Codecademy

In this PHP programming tutorial we take a look at How PHP Comments Work, and exactly how to Comment in PHP 2023, this includes Multi-Line PHP comments and Single Line PHP comments. This is based on Codecademy’s Learn PHP course. We are still in the Introduction to PHP section, and in this lesson, we go over PHP comments. We learn that in PHP programming, comments allow us to annotate what our code does, for ourselves and for other developers. We also are told that we can use comments to test code we do not want to delete yet. We do this by commenting on the code we do not want to use, and while our code is commented out, it will be ignored during the code’s execution. Learning to comment is key in any programming language. Commenting code is a skill in and of itself and requires concise wording which a code block does. Doing this well is much sought-after skill in programming jobs and it is something that potential employees look for when hiring programmers and developers. Make sure to comment on your code regularly to reap the benefits. If you do not do this regularly, you will sooner or later realize the pain it is to write code and forget what it does. This is a PHP Commenting explanation that should be ingrained in you before moving on to the next PHP Lesson!