How Variables Work in PHP, Variables Explained in PHP, Codecademy's Learn PHP, Strings and Variables

In this PHP programming lesson we look at How Variables Work in PHP, the video is Variables Explained in PHP, based on Codecademy’s Learn PHP course, the PHP Strings and Variables section. In it we learn about one of the most important programming fundamentals you will learn about, Variables. A variable in programming is a way for us to store a value. We are able to store a value in a variable, and we give our variable a name that allows us to access the value within. When we declare a variable in PHP (and in programming in general) we are reserving a word (variable name) and we are able to refer to it later in our code to access some value we assign to it. It is best practice to always name a variable in a way that describe the data which it holds. Assignment is a proccess in which we associate a variable name with the value that it holds. Anytime we use the variable name in our code, the computer will grab the value associated with that variable name. Pracice creating variables in PHP and make sure to understand how variables work before moving on and thanks for watching.