The History of PHP, Learn PHP History, PHP History Explained for Beginners, Codecademy Learn PHP

In this PHP programming lesson, we go over The History of PHP. We Learn PHP History, which is basically PHP History Explained for Beginners. This is based on Codecademy’s Learn PHP free full course. This lesson dives into PHP history. In it we learn that PHP was created in 1994 as a server-side language. PHP is great for building back-ends of websites and is used in huge CMS projects such as WordPress and Drupal. CMS (Content Management System) allows users to create their own websites as well as update them without having to write a bunch of complex code themselves. Learning PHP will teach you what you need to know to troubleshoot a WordPress website and other PHP-built content management systems, and is used in popular E-Commerce platforms such as Woocommerce. With a long history and a huge part of the internet running on its code, PHP seems like a powerful and useful language for anyone to know. Make sure to understand keywords that were used in this lesson such as server-side language. The next lessons will cover more about what this means, but make sure to understand PHP history before moving on, to truly get a feel for what PHP is capable of!