Todo App, Create, Read, Update, Delete, What is CRUD in PHP, How CRUD Works in PHP, Codecademy PHP

In this PHP programming lesson, we take a look at a Todo App, how Create, Read, Update, Delete work, and exactly What is CRUD in PHP, as well as How CRUD Works in PHP, this is based on Codecademy Learn PHP. In the lesson, we get to see a Todo List Application. The app allows us to add tasks to it as well as update them as completed, and even delete them. In the app, we see CRUD in action. We see that we are able to create a task and it updates the HTML on the page once we create it. We are able to read the tasks that we have created. We are also able to update the tasks as complete and last we are also able to delete the task. This to-do list application is a common application that is shown to beginner developers as it is perfect for demonstrating CRUD behaviors. CRUD concepts are important for any serious aspiring PHP developer. Any serious programmer should be able to create CRUD applications and understand how all the parts work together in helping us achieve our app’s goals. Make sure to understand how CRUD works and why it is important for you to learn. Study some of the code and see if you can figure out how it works. Once you are confident and can define CRUD, feel free to move on to the next lesson!