Using Variables in PHP, How to Use a Variable in PHP, Output Variables in PHP, Codecademy Learn PHP

In this free PHP programming tutorial, we take a look at Using Variables in PHP, and How to Use a Variable in PHP, where we learn how to Output Variables in PHP, based on Codecademy’s Learn PHP course. In it, we continue learning about PHP variables. In previous lessons, we have learned PHP variable syntax and understand how variables look in PHP. We learned that all PHP variables begin with a dollar sign ($) which is also referred to as a sigil. A sigil allows our PHP program to quickly realize that something is a variable. We are able to store a value within the variable that we create. Once we have created a variable, we are able to call our variable anywhere within our code. Our variable is assigned a value using the equal sign (also called the assignment operator). Learning how to assign a value to a variable is a key concept to understand in this lesson, and once you have created and assigned a value to a variable you are able to call that variable value anywhere in your code by using the variable name. Make sure to practice using variables in PHP before moving on. Practice PHP variables to master them, and doing this will help prepare you for new PHP concepts that we will be learning soon!