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About We Will Code

Welcome to We Will Code, were you can learn to code for free.  We Will Code teaches you to code from scratch.  We have courses such as, Learn HTML, Learn CSS, Learn JS, Learn NodeJS, Learn PHP, and much much more.  Learn how to traverse your computer with Command Line courses, as well as Database lessons.

Free Programming Courses

Learn HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJs, PHP, WordPress and More!

Learn to code for absolute beginners, learn to code 2023, We Will Code

Learn to Code For Absolute Beginners 2023, Learn Web Development, How to Build Websites 2023, Think Like a Coder freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design

In this new, Learn to Code For Absolute Beginners course, we will be looking at how to learn Web Development and how to build websites 2023 and beyond. We will not only learn these things, but we will also learn how to think like a coder. It is all based on the free course on freeCodeCamp called Responsive Web Design. Each section in that course is broken up into sections and we will code along together live while I try and go through them all. In the course we will look at the following: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App,

Learn the Command Line, Computer Terminal tutorial for Beginners

This is a course from Codecademy website. It teaches the command line of Unix-based systems. The command line might seem intimidating at first but once you are comfortable with it, it is an indispensable skill. Through the command line, you can navigate through your entire computer. You can create, delete, copy, and move files and folders. You can search through all your files and folders as well and see all your computer processes from that same black screen. Start learning the command line today and become an even more powerful wielder of the keyboard!

Learn Javascript in 2022 with Codecademy, Javascript Crash Course 2022, Understand Programming Concepts in Javascript 2022, Complete Javascript Course

Learn Javascript in 2022 with Codecademy. In this course, we take a look at Codecademy's Javascript Course which goes through programming fundamentals while introducing us to the Javascript programming language. This course should help you understand programming concepts in Javascript 2022. We will code and learn programming concepts that you will be able to apply to your coding journey. This course will take a look at Javascript syntax as well as how to apply the syntax to real-world problems.

Begin Your Coding Journey

If you are an absolute beginner, click the button below to start learning to code from scratch.  Follow along step by step with me on freeCodeCamp’s full web development course.